Why DOGE Reflections?

DOGE is the top 10 coin in terms of Market Cap. Doge is backed by Elon Musk, who is also an investor in the coin. We feel that Doge has still a lot of potential left for 2022, to make it to the top 5 coins by market cap.

How Doge Reflections Occur?

How DOGE Reflections work?

Earning Hourly DOGE coins is easy. Follow the steps below:

  • Buy DOGE SPACE X coin on PreSale, PanCake or CEX

  • Add DOGE SPACE X coins to your wallet using the contract: 0x99c2D9a19ebE193E4da5B98D514e1594D9691574

  • Just HODL to earn hourly reflections. The amount of reflections are based on transaction volumes and the no. of tokens you hold. If you experience delay in receiving hourly reflections, please use our dashboard to claim rewards.

Best Features

DOGE SPACEX comes up with lot of exciting features

Safe & Secure
Safe & Secure

We are not interested in rug pull or any scams and don't support either. Be assured of your investment on Doge SpaceX coin.

Payment Gateways

We are working on building a bridge with e-commerce platforms such as Amazon to enable purchases using Doge SpaceX token. This requires integration of crypto payments with payment gateways, which is in the early stages of development. Many such new features will be constantly developed by Doge SpaceX team.

100% More APY
100% More APY

We would like to give best rewards to our token HODLers. Our team is committed to sending a major portion of tax straight to user wallets. By filtering dust wallets, users get upto 100% or more APY than any other DeFi token that is based on rewards. This is a unique innovation of Doge SpaceX labs

Long term rewards
Long-term Rewards

We have designed our contract specially keeping in view of the long term holdlers. Long term investors will get benefitted in several ways including surprise bonuses and extra rewards.

Locking Liquidity
Liquidity locking

We will be locking our liquidity on PinkSale and/or Unicrypt, which means your investment would be safe with us

Buy Back
Buy Back

Doge SPACE X has built a special buyback bot which automatically burns a certain number of tokens to maintain the continuous deflationary nature of DOGE SPACEX.

Roadmap & Timeline

We have built a solid roadmap for our project

Our Team

We are a team of 3 professionals focussed on innovation and applying blockchain for utility. The Owner and the Dev are KYCed to Pinksale.

team member
A. Vijay

Vijay is the founder having experience of over 16 years in building enterprise solutions. Vijay leads the contract development and defines the roadmap & strategy. He is a founder, advisor and also a digital marketing expert.

team member

Srikanth has 2 years of experience in web apps development and building blockchain solutions. Sreekanth has developed many useful Dapps in Defi space. He is an expert at setting up Social Media handles.

team member

Mounika has 2 years of experience in marketing and sales. She is an expert in SEO, SEM, Design and running digital marketing campaigns.

Token Sale

  • 55% Public Holders
  • 15% PCS Liquidity
  • 15% Long-term holder rewards vested
  • 5% Team vested
  • 5% Marketing
  • 4% Team
  • 1% Burn

Tax distribution

Best Rewards for holding DOGE SPACEX

  • 6% DOGE Reflection Rewards
  • 2% Liquidity
  • 1% Buyback
  • 1% Team & Marketing

Frequently Asked questions

Who are we?

We are a team of 3 professionals who have vast experience in software development & delivery. We have built several enterprise applications for the fortune 500 companies. We have expeirence in building web applications, Dapps, Solidity, Ethereum and Block Chain protocols

Why should investors trust us?

We believe that a mutual trust is required between a buyer and seller for the growth of any business, including crypto tokens. We have done a lot of research on building a genuine token with the sole aim of providing value to our users. Our efforts are visible in the form of well-defined tokenomics, and creating a solid roadmap for the project. Having said that, be assured that your investment is safe with us.

How did Doge SpaceX 2022 get it's name?

We are inspired by Elon Musk's contribution to space and his support for the renewable energy sources. We would like to raise interest in the crypto community by joining Doge and SpaceX, and not being just a meme coin.

How to buy Doge Space 2022 token?

You can purchase Doge Space on BSC with the contract: or in the pink sale here.

Explain your tokenomics

We are collecting 10% tax on buy and sell of which major portion goes to user rewards in the form of hourly DOGE reflections. Please check Tokenomics section for more details.

How to buy during Pre-sale?

Doge SpaceX will be listed on pinksale.finance from Jan 18th GMT+1.

What is the benefit of participating in Private Sale and Pre-Sale?

Investors get upto 12% discount on Pancake listing price

Is buying crypto safe for me?

Please contact a financial advisor before you invest to crypto. In general it's not recommended to invest your life savings into crypto

Is buying Crypto Legal?

Please check with your Government regulations on crypto before purchasing any crypto products and services.